After the death of his stepfather, Alexander finds himself standing at the grave and chooses to take a piss on it. When a friend tries to stop him a dispute occurs that evokes memories from Alexander's childhood. Bad memories he wishes to forget.

A film based on true events about identity, friendship and growing up, despite a broken childhood marked by psychological trauma and sexual abuse.


Under the stars is a short film based on true events, directed by Christian Zetterberg with the purpose to help breaking the silence about child sexual abuse. 

A subject we usually don't want to talk about...               But a lot of kids are getting hurt and we cant ignore that.

5 of 20 kids in the Swedish schools are sexually abused on daily basis.

The project started in 2015 and it took two years for the film to be completed.

Under the stars is low budget and everyone worked for free. Either as part of their education or as charity.        We are therefore very grateful to all who made it possible.

The True Story

Under the stars is based on the night when I found out the truth about my childhood friend.
After his stepfather's death, I wanted to support him, so we met and spent the night together.                                      It all ended in tears and broken memories...

Throughout his childhood he was sexually abused by his stepfather.
And due to the death, there was never any justice so we chose to tell the truth.

Under the stars is our story and what happen that night.
We want to break the silence and help others.



Christian Zetterberg, born 1993, is a filmmaker and actor born and raised in Sweden.                                                                He is the director, producer and writer of Under the stars. 

Christian started as a child actor at the Swedish Television (SVT) in 2005 as a starring role in "A December Dream,"

Directed by Thomas Alfredson (Let the Right One In, Tinker tailor soldier spy)

Christian made his directorial debut in 2011, 17 years old with the shortfilm                            "To ignore the truth,"
A film about his own childhood. After this, He have made several short films, worked with filming bands and musicians signed by Warner Music and studied directing and film-production at Fridhems film school in Skåne, Sweden.

Christian's passion is to tell stories about children and the difficulties about growing up.




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